Crafting the Ideal Cover Letter for Hospitality Positions

Girl writing a cover letter for her hospitality application

Step into Cover Letter Writing 101, where we guide you through the essential components and optimal structure for maximum impact.

Now that you have your outstanding hospitality CV securely in hand, there’s one crucial step remaining before you can apply for that dream job: composing an exceptional cover letter. Some experts suggest that you have a mere 40 seconds to captivate your reader before distractions set in. Therefore, the key is to maintain conciseness while showcasing your passion and worth as a candidate.

Conduct Your Research

Before you embark on the writing process, invest time in researching the company and scrutinising the job description. Demonstrate your knowledge about the company and the position, emphasising that your letter is tailored to each application.

First Paragraph – Self-Introduction

Keep it brief and engaging. State your name, the targeted position, how you discovered the opportunity and a concise overview of your current job role. Add a sentence or two explaining why you believe you are exceptionally suited for the position.

Second Paragraph – Showcase Your Experience

This section is the core of your letter, allowing you to eloquently present yourself. Include:

– Your level/years of experience

– Relevant qualifications or training

– Characteristics and skills pertinent to the job

If you’re a recent graduate, emphasise your educational achievements and potential contributions. For seasoned professionals, focus on your work experience, as employers are generally more interested in recent accomplishments than activities from a decade ago. The same principle applies if you’re transitioning careers; underscore your transferable skills. Consider this paragraph as an extended personal statement—be confident but support your claims with facts and figures.

Third Paragraph – Express Your Interest in the Company

Devote this section to conveying your eagerness to become an integral part of the company. Approach it from different angles:

– Highlight what distinguishes the company from competitors.

– Discuss how the company aligns with or differs from its counterparts and why that’s advantageous.

– Emphasise the values you hold in high regard.

– Explain if you seek a new challenge or wish to advance in your career.

Demonstrate genuine interest, avoiding excessive flattery, as sincerity is more convincing.

Fourth Paragraph – Conclusion

Once again, keep it concise. Avoid signing off with ‘I look forward to hearing from you,’ as it may elicit a generic response. Instead, opt for something like ‘I anticipate discussing my candidacy or the position further with you.’

If you know the recipient’s name, sign off with ‘Yours sincerely.’ If not, use ‘Yours faithfully.’ Make an effort to find a contact name, as it adds a personal touch to your letter.

Seek External Feedback

Before finalising your letter, have someone review it with fresh eyes. After extensive editing, you may become oblivious to errors. A cover letter riddled with typos and poor grammar can undermine your efforts.

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