Dream Jobs Recruitment is a newly established Hospitality Consultancy and Recruitment partnership founded by Kate O’Shea, with a career in Human Resource Consultancy and Employment Law and Peter Guban who has over 20 years of experience as a Chef reaching Executive Chef position. Everything we do is geared to help you create exceptional hospitality experiences and build a loyal and dedicated team.

Achieve your vision of success with our specialist team and experienced people recruitment services.

Through deep knowledge, experience and an extraordinary network of people, Dream Jobs delivers the services you need to thrive and grow your business.

Find fantastic people, for all roles, from temporary staff to permanent positions with our recruiting and training processes.

Founded in 2021, Dream Jobs is a unique offering in the Hospitality space established by industry experts Kate O’Shea and Peter Guban.

Rather than the standardized approach that most service providers take, we look at our business relationships holistically. This means taking a long-term view on what your best outcome is and tailoring our service to your needs. By doing so, we are able to work smarter and achieve success with you as a partnership. A genuine win-win.

Our Company understands the challenges facing the Hospitality Industry in the current climate.  If you are an Employer who understands Work/Life balance, then we want to work with you.  Our ethos will be to attract people who want to remain and return to a Brand of Employer who understands their needs.  Thus, creating a team who are happy in their jobs and give 100% loyalty to Excellent Employers.

Our experience in both Hospitality and Consulting services goes back decades. With an embedded focus on quality, we are able to cover anything from a one day emergency recruitment fill, to a full service consulting operation to get your business off the ground or take it to the next level.

Whatever services in Hospitality you provide, your legacy will be defined by the people around you. We know from our experience that finding and retaining these people is the greatest accomplishment of all. By trusting in the experts, you can be assured of getting the right solution for the challenges ahead.

If you are in the Hospitality Industry, you need to contact Dream Jobs Recruitment.


At Fill a Shift/Dream Jobs our team is your team. We are a group of individual specialists collaborating to provide our clients with business solutions that work.

Kate O'Shea

Kate’s knowledge of Hospitality HR Management and Employment Law is second to none, having been involved in some of the largest Hotels management teams and becoming a successful business owner. She is responsible for driving Dream Jobs forward, managing day to day operations and ensuring that the customer experience is ‘100% fulfilled”.

Peter Guban

Our very own Executive Head Chef, Peter, has worked in Hotel Groups in both Killarney, Ireland and Hungary. He has experience in managing several kitchens, creating and rebranding existing ones. His passion for food and excellence runs through the core of Dream Jobs Recruitment.

Nial O'Shea
Client Connections

Nial is the ‘People Person’. He has a wealth of experience in training, customer service and building new connections. Nial has over 35 years’ experience in the Hotel and Catering Industry both in operations and procurement.  His focus at Dream Jobs is to ensure that everyone we deal with has the best possible experience, as well as leading from the front with professionalism and quality.

Melinda Guban
Web development

Melinda has extensive web designing experience having run her own business in the past years and setting up different types of successful businesses. Her focus at Dream Jobs is to take the brand to the next level.

Together we create & deliver positive change through people.



Small changes. Big results.



We all grow together.



Runs Through The Core Of Everything We Do