CV Validation



What is CV Validation Background Screening?

CV validation is a process through which the quality of information provided by the candidate in both the Profile Background Form and the resume are cross-verified and the authenticity of the information is resolved.


CV validation of employees can be a time consuming and expensive process which has become a lot quicker, easier and cost-effective. Dream Jobs Screening Services, specialists in Pre-employment Screening and background checks and make informed recruitment decisions by Verifying the educational, career and personal facts provided by the candidate.

CV Background Screening Services from Dream Jobs

Dream Jobs offers a range of reference checking options which are designed to ensure that your new recruits have the correct credentials for the job. Dream Jobs CV verification services and candidate background screening are recommended for any new candidate entering your business, whatever of their job role or the company you work in. Reference screening, with details of any employment gaps, confirms an individual’s employment history is totally clear. Dream Jobs candidate background checks ensure there are no doubts over qualifications obtained.

Dream Jobs candidate background checks ensure there are no doubts over qualifications obtained.

Dream Jobs to conduct quickly CV validation and we will give you the correct results in the shortest possible time. Dream Jobs promise to help you select the best talent in the company by checking the CV and ensuring that the selected candidate has original details provided in the CV.


Importance of a CV Validation Services

  • CV Validation can help prevent bad recruits by validating the candidate’s work experience and education before making a hiring decision.
  • Your CV is the first chance you get to make a good impression on an employer. The best CV will get chance of getting a face-to-face interview, so it is worth spending time and effort on the content and presentation.
  • Many companies provided in a resume to offer compensation packages, promotions and job responsibilities. However, many job applicants and employees provide fake details, education and employment history to appear more qualified to grab successful jobs.



  • Offering benefits to an unqualified individual based on an exaggerated CVs could waste time, money and efforts on training besides false effect a company’s productivity and increased turnover rate.
  • CV frauds such as the exaggeration of skills, false experience are some reasons that involve CV verification.
  • CV validation is also important to detect resume frauds such as claiming to have been employed by companies they never worked for.
  • The major areas where CV frauds were detected were in the areas of employment verification along with address verification, reference screening, and education.