Hotel Accommodation Assistant  Job Description, Duties

Hotel accommodation assistants are also known as hotel housekeepers or room attendants.

This position is one of the most occupied in the hospitality industry.

As you will find out from the guide below, the tasks of a housekeeper include maintaining pleasant appearances and experiences for guests.

With proper work history, skills, and knowledge, these workers can find ample opportunities.

What Does a Hotel accommodation assistant Do?

The functions of an accommodation assistant include sanitation, affording comfort for tourists and travellers, and being an ambassador for the hotel and its brand.

The skills an accommodations assistant should possess include stamina, coordination, dexterity, patience and a positive attitude towards guests, co-workers, and supervisors.

Since hotel accommodations assistants deal with physical demands, they should maintain a friendly and positive demeanour.


  • Use disinfectants and other cleaning agents on tubs, counters, toilets, windows, mirrors, and other surfaces in rooms and common areas of the hotel.
  • Vacuum floors in lobbies, hallways, and rooms.
  • Remove and replace used or dirty sheets, towels, and other linens in bathrooms and rooms.
  • Sweep and mop the floors in dining areas, kitchens, corridors, rooms, and lobbies.
  • Alert guests, staff, and management of wet floors, spills, and other areas to avoid potential hazards.
  • Remove dust from lamps, blinds, furniture, curtains, corners of walls, and window and door frames.
  • Flip cushions on chairs and couches, as well as mattresses.
  • Inform the lead hotel accommodations assistant, hotel management, or front desk staff of broken or malfunctioning televisions, bulbs, and fixtures in rooms or other areas.
  • Empty refrigerators, trash cans, and ashtrays used by departing guests.

Hotel accommodation assistant cleaning the mirror frame in a hotel

Essential Skills

Customer service:

Hotel accommodations assistants should be able to respond to guests courteously.

They may receive questions about the hotel, requests for various items, or complaints about room conditions.

Besides, accommodations assistants should have an inviting, friendly and welcoming attitude toward guests.

They should also avoid conflicts with coworkers or guests in front of guests.


Hotel accommodations assistant should be detail-oriented while cleaning.

Guests can get a poor image and dissatisfied experience from small trash, stains, slight dust, or grout in bath tiles or behind faucets.

They should also supply the right number of towels, washcloths, and toilet paper for the rooms.

Additionally, they should arrange the pillows, cushions, and linens in a straight or otherwise meticulous manner.


Hotel accommodations assistants should be able to measure liquid units to use cleaning agents safely and effectively.

Many cleaning agents should be mixed with something else to dilute ammonia or bleach.

Besides, with math skills, the accommodations assistant can handle money and provide change when necessary.


Hotel accommodations assistants need stamina and strength to push carts with mops, brooms, and cleaning supplies and walk a lot.

They should also use vacuums, mops, and brooms.

They do various physical movements such as reaching, squatting, bending, and other repetitive motions.

How to Become an Accommodations Assistant

Hotel accommodations assistants don’t necessarily need specific training or education.

However, community and technical schools, as well as some companies, provide training in the essentials of cleaning hotel spaces and the hospitality industry.

This training helps develop skills required by hotel and resort companies from accommodations assistants.

Hotel accommodation assistant cleaning the mirror frame in a hotel


Hotel accommodations assistants need experience in housekeeping, especially in hotels, motels, and similar establishments.

Those who wish to work for chain or high-end hotels or resorts can gain experience at independently-owned or smaller hotels, motels, or lodges.

While working in other settings besides hotels, applicants can demonstrate their skills in cleaning and customer service.

They may enter the hospitality area with experience in office, commercial, residential, or industrial cleaning services.

Hotel accommodations assistants can work full-time, part-time and temporary positions.

Six out of ten housekeepers work only part-time.

There is also seasonal work, common at resorts or vacation areas.

The most common shifts are in the morning.

At that time, they should prepare the rooms for check-ins and clean them while guests are out for tourists or other activities.


The employment opportunities for accommodation assistants are quite positive, considering the rise in the hotel and travel sectors.

There are temporary, part-time and seasonal positions available as the demand for housekeeping staff increases with the weather and vacation times.

Hotel accommodations assistants can expect physical pressures and demand from guests, but with experience, they can advance to higher positions in hotel companies and the hospitality industry.

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